Active Optical Cables

40Gb/s QSFP+to 8xLC AOC

40Gb/s QSFP+to 8xLC AOC is a high data rate parallel active optical cable (AOC), to overcome the bandwidth limitation of traditional copper cable. The AOC offers 4 independent data transmission channels and 4 data receiving channels via the multimode ribbon fibers, each capable of 10Gbps operation. Consequently, an aggregate data rate of 40Gbps over 100 meters transmission can be achieved by this product, to support the ultra-fast computing data exchange.


  • InfiniBand 4X SDR,DDR,QDE and FDR
  • Ethernet 10G,40G
  • Rack-to-Rack,Shelf-to-Shelf Interconnect,top of Rack(TOR)Switch
  • Fiber Channel 45G,SAN
  • Networking,Storage
  • Hubs,switches,routers,servers,supercomputer,HPC


  • Compliant with QSFP MSA
  • 4 duplex channels transmit and receive
  • Hot-pluggable
  • Ultra-low crosstalk for improved performance
  • Lower cost alternative to optical transceivers
  • EEPROM for cable signature
  • Assembly length:1/3/5/7 and 100 meters 
  • RoHS Compliant