144fibers 1U HD patch panel

1U 19inch 144fibers HD MTP patch panel

This new solution is a high-density pre-terminated fiber cabling solution that simplifies installation and improves the performance of your data center environment. They offer higher system density than traditional pre-termination. This panel can reach 144fibers, used as splicing, terminated, connecting.


Product Features

· 1U 19" Rack mount.

· Three-layer guide rail drawing structure.

· The patch panel can install up to 144 core fiber cord.

· Splicing with SC, MTP/MPO and LC adapter panel strips.

· Removable upper cover.

· Laminated structure, easy to operate.

· Material: cold rolled steel plate.

· Color: black (fine sand grain spray).


· Ethernet, LAN, WAN and Fibre Channel.

· Data communication, telecommunication network.

· Data center and infrastructure.

· Storage area network fiber channel

· 40G and 100G ethernet standard interface



· Operating temperature: -40℃~+75℃

· Storage temperature: -40℃~+75℃

· Relative humidity: ≤85%(+30 °C)

· Atmospheric pressure70kPa ~106kPa

· Dimension(WxDxH)483mm×350mm×1U


· MPO/MTP cassette module

· Adapter module

· Splice module

· MPO/MTP trunk LC patch cord