Waterproof fiber patchcord

Waterproof fiber patchcord

Gelink provides the most common used types of water proof connector,compatible with FullAXS,OptiTap,ODVA(LC,SC,MPO),NSN and PDLC. These patch cords are widely used in FTTA, Base station, and the outdoor waterproof condition.


  • Standard SC,Duplex LC and MPO connector;
  • Available Single mode and Multimode
  • IP67&IP68 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof
  • Aluminum housing, high shock and vibration
  • Broad temperature range and wide range of indoor and outdoor cables
  • Light weight, waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, Metal hard housing.
  • Easy Operation, reliable and cost-effective installation


  • Widely used in FTTA & FTTH
  • Standard interface specified in 3G,4G
  • Harsh outdoor environments application