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Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) in FTTx Network

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PON technology is being widely adopted in FTTx network, which uses fiber optic splitters to share one interface with various customers. The using of fiber optic splitters allows service provider to reduce the fiber count and add more end users on the fiber network more easily and flexibly. The management and protection of these fiber links supported by fiber optic splitters are essential. However, in some cases, these fiber optic splitters are required to deploy in outdoor or semi-outdoor places. To provide better mechanical and environmental protection and provide connection between fiber optic cables and fiber optic splitters, fiber distribution hub (FDH) is widely applied. The following picture shows where FDH are usually deployed in FTTx network.


What Is Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH)?

Fiber distribution hub is actually a kind of distribution cabinet or enclosure which can provide a safe and easy-to-manage cabling environment of the connections between fiber optic cables and fiber optic splitters. Fiber distribution hubs come in a variety of sizes and designs. A wide range of fiber optic connectivity products can be installed in fiber distribution hub, like fiber splicing tray, fiber patch cables, fiber patch panel, fiber optic splitters of different package form factors, etc.


Fiber distribution hub offers an ideal environment to separate large bundles of distribution fiber into smaller access fibers, which can meet the requirements for high-density cabling, harsh environment and increasingly restrictive permitting ordinances. Fiber distribution hubs can be deployed in both indoor and outdoor places. The above pictures two floor mount fiber distribution hubs deployed in indoor environment (left) and outdoor environment (right). The fiber connections that a FDH usually provides are 96 fibers, 144 fibers, 192 fibers, 288 fibers and 576 fibers. Large fiber counts can also be provided in the market. The following picture shows part of FDH that are provided by Gelink for your reference.

 144-fiber Distribution cabinet  288-fiber Distribution cabinet  576-fiber Distribution cabinet


How to Use Fiber Distribution Hub?

The using of fiber distribution hub is very flexible and is mainly depended on the accessories that are installed inside the cabinet. As the above mentioned that, fiber distribution hub is compatible with a variety of connectivity products and PON splitters. Customers can choose proper accessories according to their applications. Here will list some of the most commonly used accessories that are deployed in fiber distribution hub.

The main function of fiber distribution hub is for connections between fiber cable and passive optical splitters. Thus, fiber optic splitters (usually PLC splitter) are usually deployed in this distribution cabinet. There is a wide range of PLC splitters can be installed in fiber distribution hub. The following shows part of them.


The bare fiber PLC splitter and fanout PLC splitter are usually deployed in a termination box, then deploy the tray in the distribution cabinet. This also works for fiber pigtails, which is usually installed in a fiber splice tray installed in fiber distribution hub as shown in the following picture. Fiber distribution hub also has the function of patching, thus fiber patch panels and fiber patch cables can also be deployed in the FDH.




Fiber distribution hub, working as an important transferring point between backbone fiber cable and end users is being widely deployed. Fiber distribution connections are well protected and managed in these robust cabinet. Various fiber distribution cabinets and accessories are available in Gelink.Kindly contact sales@gelink.com.cn